(super)hero #1

June 24, 2017

From this height you could look down at the city and see anything you wanted. The blanket of night covered well beyond the western horizon, but it still felt early.

Most of the noise amidst the skyscrapers from the streets below was still being made by families, early dates, late stragglers working their way home after long days at the office. The criminal element didn’t emerge until late. Later, it seemed, than it used to. When it emerged at all.

A figure draped in black perched on the edge of the maintenance deck for the antenna cluster. A peak of sorts, in a skyline of blinking peaks. Gusts of wind summoned their way up to engulf the folds of his cape and billow it out into a black flag. He cocked his head, listening intently for a sound that wasn’t there. Nothing rose above the whistles and howls swirling around him. There were no sirens wailing in the distance. No cries for help in the crackling echo of the earpiece in his cowl. There were no crises, no distress for his concern.


He stood, shaking his head, and scanned the hundreds of feet below him. He leaned into a hot vent blasting up from the street. He hung for a moment, above the chasm, and fell.



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